The next world order

Start With The Truth

The Titanic did not have enough lifeboats and neither does the digital Titanic we are all on.

That is the simple non sugar-coated explanation of where we are as an industry. We can only blame ourselves for not doing the math earlier. Massive inflation quickly amplified the problem. The studios clearly labeled themselves as businesses but allowing the casting couch auditions to flourish for years should have been a red flag to all. Nothing is sacred.
We were trained like seals, from grade school to be about team spirit and routing for the home team. We thought we were on the home team, at least most of the long-term 'labor' did, in this carefully crafted business illusion, to maximize cash flow. Not only did they succeed in the mission, but they also surpassed all expectations and now they have become like a real-life version of a Pacman game. This time they are gobbling up lives and futures in real time.
From the moment that carriage companies were the target of horseless options, workers have sat naively thinking that 'This can't be happening', 'I was a loyal, hardworking member of 'The Family' and even came to work when my kids were sick, and I had a tooth ache. You bought logo merchandise with your employer’s branding and wore it worldwide proudly. Made the perfect last minute Christmas gift.
Imagine for a moment, the recent transition from Kodak to Amazon.
The wake of those casualties still resonates today.
There is only one answer and that is to acquire the skills for The Next World Order. How you transition to this shift will determine the trajectory of your world, maybe straight into the poor house.

AI or real. Tell us.

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